About Monkey

Monkey tried out climbing when he was a teen, didn't stick (ba dum). Double his age later, he visits his second climbing wall, and never looked back.

Monkey started properly climbing mid March 2011, he foolishly attempted his first 6b a month in, and wondered what inhuman creatures can scarper up the walls at such grades as 7a or above.

Two months later he'd conquer his first 6b by hyperstretching his thumb tendon. Still, with gradual improvements to his techniques, believes that the path to 7a isn't all that impossible in his lifetime.

Monkey currently climbs at 6b+ to 6c+ top rope, and 6b to 6b+ lead depending on the style, and hates jumping from great heights.

Also, big thanks to my editor Kat, you're a star. Thank you for trying to decypher the crap that comes out of this monkey's head, and translating them to more legitable English.

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